Flower-less wedding?

I know what you’re thinking.  Flower-less wedding?  Blasphemy!  Flowers are generally a must for most brides.  But flowers can also be pricey.  Sometimes very pricey, depending on what you want.  I suspect this is why individuals far more creative than me came up with flower-less flowers.  If you like DIY projects or are going for a more organic or whimsical feel to your wedding or you’re on a tight budget, here are some very cool options.

A Flower-less Wedding  :  wedding diy flowers washington dc Tumblr 07 tumblr_07

Paper flowers

Im not sure how I feel about this trend for bouquets, but this one is actually very pretty- brooches and fabrics.

Pearls, fabric, and lace for a vintage bouquet.

Your Brooches in a Custom Jewelry Memory Brooch Bouquet - made to order

Add some bling with a brooch bouquet

Paper flower table runner.

Fabric flower centerpieces.

DIY Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers



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