Smile! It’s Engagement Picture Time!

When I was growing up (don’t I sound old when I say that?), there was no such thing as engagement sessions or “e-sessions” as the cool kids call it.  But the bride of today knows all too well that there is such a thing as an e-session and there is increasing pressure to be more creative about your pictures than the last bride.  It is now generally understood that when you get engaged, you HAVE to have engagement pictures.  Most photographers include engagement sessions in their packages or offer them as part of their “a la carte” services.  I’ve seen them range anywhere from $300-$600.

I don’t believe you HAVE to have anything in a wedding.  In fact, initially I was anti-engagement pictures, finding them narcissistic and maybe a little tacky.  Surprisingly, my fiance was the one who thought it would be “nice” to get them done.  Since he’s letting me call 99.9% of the shots for this wedding, I gave in.  Turns out, it was a really fun experience, and I think I will appreciate having pictures of us looking young and in love when I’m old, saggy, and utterly annoyed with my husband to be.

We decided to take our pictures in New York, since every other part of our wedding is taking place in Miami.  But if you’re taking your engagement pictures in Miami, here are some fun, non-traditional locations:

South Beach

Nothing is more quintessential Miami than South Beach.  Whether you take your pictures by day or by night, South Beach offers a fun and vibrant background for your engagement pictures with its unique art deco architecture, palm trees, and duh, the beach!

Wynwood Walls 

If you want something more artsy, you must look into the Wynwood Walls in the Design District.  The Wynwood Walls are an homage to graffiti and Miami street art.  If I had taken my engagement pictures in Miami, this would be my location.  It’s so bad ass!

Miami Marine Stadium

The Miami Marine Stadium is like the Wynwood Walls on crack.  If you want a really urban engagement session, this is your spot.  The Miami Marine Stadium is located in Virginia Key, south of Brickell and north of Key Biscayne.  I’ve actually seen engagement pictures that were taken here and they’re impossibly cool.

Gold Coast Railroad Museum

This would be a great spot for a vintage engagement shoot.  Dress up in 40’s inspired outfits and go nuts.  There are some rental fees associated with this spot, but you’ll definitely add a lot of drama to your e-session at this location.

Another unique idea?  Take the pictures in your own home!  I’ve seen this done and they’re incredibly cute.  You’ll never regret having pictures of you and your fiance cooking or listening to music or just being your authentic selves.

For our e-pics, we had a friend take shots of us in the West Village and Meatpacking District.  We’re still deciding how we want to use them (other than for Facebook profile pic purposes, of course).   Here are some of my favorites:

Are you taking engagement pictures?


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