Useful Wedding Websites

There are about a hundred million wedding websites.  This is one of them!  A lot of them have lots of good information and pretty picture s.  This is one of them!  But there are some wedding websites that have exceptionally useful information for the bride to be.  This is about to become one of them!

Here are a few of the most helpful wedding websites I’ve come across in my wedding planning adventures.

A Practical Wedding Spreadsheets

When you’re planning a wedding, organization is key.  If you have a planner, you’re paying someone to be organized for you.  If you don’t, these are great excel spreadsheets that will help you keep it together as you plan your big day.  Here, you’ll find spreadsheets for your guest list, vendor contact list, day of timeline, wedding workbooks, etc.  I’ve been using these and they’re incredibly helpful.

Wedding Gawker

Useful wedding sitesI read regular Gawker all the time.  But Wedding Gawker is a totally different animal, which I’m quite pleased I came across.  This site essentially puts together a TON of websites that will lead you to fun wedding ideas and helpful tips like, “50 Fab Favors,” “15 Photos You Need at Your Wedding,” and “The Secrets of Successful Mismatched Bridesmaids.”  Trust me when I say you will love this site.

Wedding Mapper


My fiance introduced me to this website when we got engaged.  How he came across it, I’ll never know.  But I’m really glad he did.  Wedding Mapper offers personalized and interactive wedding planning.  You can type in where you’re having your wedding, and they can connect you to hundreds of other couples having their weddings in that area , vendors in your city, and pictures of real weddings.  You can also find ideas and inspiration and keep track of all of your own wedding details.  I find the payment schedule calendar the most helpful in keeping track of what vendor payments I’ve made and which are coming up.

What websites have helped you along the way?


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