Double Duty Wedding Favors

With all of the details you have to keep in your head when planning a wedding, sometimes it can be very easy to forget that you’re not only providing a night of dinner and dancing for your guests.  You’re also providing them with a small gift to thank them for sharing in your big day.  This is known as the wedding favor.  I haven’t always been a big fan.  Why?  Because I usually find these favors useless.  Do I really need a silver frame with your wedding date on it?  No. I don’t.  An Asian sandalwood fan?  I’m fairly certain I’ll never use that.  That said, I do believe in showing a small token of gratitude to your guests.  I also believe in things that can serve 2 purposes at once.  They’re time AND money savers.  Here are some of my favorite double duty wedding favors:

Escort cards that are also small gifts for your guests.

Mini champagne bottles with name cards.

Mini wedding cakes to go.

These boxes with slices of the groom’s cake can also serve as a centerpiece.

Give guests glasses they can write their names on and use that night and every night after that.

Photo booths can work as a favor, entertainment AND for your guest book!


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