Back as a Mrs!

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I guess it’s been a hot minute, huh?  As you’ve probably noticed, planning a wedding can be time-consuming.  Between finalizing plans and getting a new job, this blog got lost in the shuffle.  But now the wedding is done, and I’m free to devote much more time to making this blog awesome!

To tell you a little bit about my wedding, it was amazing.  Hands down- best day ever.  Mission accomplished! Now that I’m a wise married woman,  here are a few pieces of advice I can give all of you soon to be brides:

1) First and foremost- LET GO!  By the time your wedding day rolls around, you’ve done everything you can do.  There is no sense in wasting this once in a lifetime experience being all stressed out and flustered.  You’ve paid people to do that for you!  Spend that day relaxing with your friends and family over champagne and enjoy the celebrity treatment you only get on this one day.  You’re only a bride once so LIVE IT UP!

2) Things will go wrong.  Oh, but you’ve meticulously planned every last detail, you say?  Something will still go wrong.  For me, it started raining precisely as I walked out of the church, the cocktail music sounded like bad 80s porn music (even though we specifically asked for string versions of our favorite rock songs), and some of my bridesmaids’ flowers were peach. PEACH!  And let’s not even get into the calla lilies in my church flower arrangements.  But then I remembered my first piece of advice, and I let it go.  Because honestly, it doesn’t matter.  Nobody knows I didn’t choose porn music and a lot of people probably loved the calla lilies.  And most importantly, this day wasn’t about all that.  It was about getting married to a very cute boy.  So try to keep it in perspective if you start to feel a freak out coming on because your cocktail tables are 3 cm shorter than promised.

Peach hydrangea- blech.

3)  As the great Lee Anne Womack said, I hope you dance!  Being the star of the show, everyone will want to talk to you, take your picture, hug you, and tell you everything they felt when they say you walking down the aisle.   As the bride, it’s your duty to oblige.  That said, start rehearsing your exit strategy because the one thing you don’t want to miss is dancing at your own wedding.  Of course you want to make sure everyone is having fun, but not at the expense of your own fun!  If you haven’t kicked off your shoes before the night is over, you’re not doing it right.  And definitely make sure to dance with your new husband- and none of that first dance rehearsed crap.  Something fun and dancey.

These are my top 3 insights for now, but I’ll follow up with any more thoughts I come up with.  Until the next episode!


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