Wedding Colors: Mint

Before we begin with our wedding madness, let’s take a moment to thank our military, veterans, and their families for their sacrifices.  It’s because of them that we are able to enjoy this and every Monday in freedom.

Now on to the topic of this post- I am loving mint green as a wedding color.  Pair it with corals, pinks, golds, and creams and you have all the makings of an elegant, vintage inspired wedding reception.

Add yellows or bright pinks for a more springy feel.

Or throw in some red, for a more retro wedding feel.

Get clever with your favors.

Use mint tea.

Incorporate your colors and mint flavor into a signature drink.

You could even include mint in your bridal bouquet.

As you can see, mint is a versatile wedding color you can use during any season and with a variety of styles.  There are also a whole range of ways to creatively incorporate mint into your decor.  How do you feel about these mint inspired wedding looks?

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!


Mrs. M


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