Let Them Eat Cake!

Ah the wedding cake.  So many flavors, colors, and designs to choose from.  Truthfully, I’ve never been a big fan of cake, but I felt I had to have one at my own wedding.  Among many reasons, my mom is a cake designer.  Not having a cake at the wedding would break her little cake maker heart.  While she didn’t make my cake, she did make my flowers.  Check it out.

Wedding cake

Had it been up to me, I would have had a Carvel wedding cake, as both my husband and I are big fans, particularly of those little chocolate crunchies.  But Carvel wedding cakes are highly impractical- especially if you’re having a wedding in Miami.  Not to mention, they’re not very cute.

These days, many people are branching out from the traditional wedding cake and setting up dessert tables (sometimes even entire rooms!) full of their favorite treats. More on that another time.  But, if you’re sticking with cake as your primary wedding dessert, here are a few designs that I think are pretty awesome.

Chalkboard Wedding Cake

Chalkboards are a huge hit at weddings with brides using them for welcome signs, place mats, and cups.  And now, the chalkboard wedding cake!  How cool is that?

Chalkboard Cake

 Naked Wedding Cake

If you’re having a more rustic wedding, a naked wedding cake is perfect.  They’re a bit more casual, but still make a big statement.  This particular cake was made by my very talented momma at Fun Fiesta Cakes.  You can check out more of her cakes here. Not to be biased, but she’s pretty awesome.

Naked Cake

Cupcake Wedding Cake

Yes, cupcake wedding cakes have been around for a minute, and I’ve seen only a handful that I truly like.  But I love a combination of a tiered cake with cupcakes.  The best of both worlds!

Cupcake cake

Ruffle Wedding Cake

Ruffles have really broken into the wedding cake scene.  I love them because they’re airy and light, always elegant, and can fit into pretty much any wedding style.


Multiple Wedding Cakes

I’m not talking several 4 tiered cakes.  That might be a bit much.  But if you’re having a large wedding (or if you just like cake) grouping together a few 2 or 3 tiered cakes makes for a pretty wedding dessert table.  I like these because they incorporate the words used in traditional wedding vows.  Adorable!

calligraphy cakes

What cake designs are you loving?


Mrs. M


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